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Social media, internet marketing, websites and online catalogues. These are all the things that Kudos Home & Design didn't have to think about when their store opened 30 years ago.

BDQWorks was hired to recreate the Kudos Home & Design website and provide internet marketing campaigns.


Internet marketing
PPC campaign management
Digital strategy
Website design & development

Kudos Home & Design

Since the completion of the website in 2010, BDQWorks provided internet marketing services for Kudos Home & Design over the course of 3 years (and counting).

With our help, Kudos Home & Design achieved 58.1% increase in website traffic in 2011; 161% in 2012; and 187% in 2013.

In 2012, Kudos Home & Design opened their second store in Woodbridge, Ontario.

Website traffic sample (period of 31 days)

*Organic Visits is the number of visits from search engines (not including PPC).



What sets BDQWorks apart from other digital agencies is the commitment, approach and passion they bring to each project.

Sanjay Sharma
Co-Founder/Director of Sales at Kudos Home & Design

Sanjay and Jason in 2010

Internet Marketing Services


Creating a marketable website allowed Kudos Home & Design to convert more visits into meaningful business transactions. To read about the work we did on the website, click here.


After a SEO audit and keyword research, the website was developed using clean, efficient and semantic codes. Thereby maximizing search engine traffic and reducing website load time (which greatly effects SEO).

PPC Management

We managed the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign; reducing the average Cost Per Click (CPC) from $3.00 CAD to less than 30 cents per click. We also created custom Google AdWord landing pages.

Link Building

We provided an effective link building campaign by way of consulting and building relationships with other websites to publish real, quality articles.

At BDQWorks, we take client research seriously. After all, how can we create an effective website if we don't understand the business?

We worked together with Kudos' marketing team every time prior to creating a website or a marketing campaign. We made sure that we understood the purpose of the project and the company's business model as thoroughly as possible.

We also took advantage of the fact that Kudos Home & Design has the largest Stressless furniture gallery in Ontario. We advised them to create a microsite, which we used to drive more search engine traffic and to promote Stressless furniture.

Real Results, New Store

The results we produced strengthened our relationship with Kudos Home & Design and eventually paved the way for their second store location in Woodbridge, Ontario.

This was one of their biggest milestones during their 35+ years of business.

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